War of Heroes Example
Players fight each other with their decks live to advance to the top of tournament rankings. The top 100 players receive prizes.

You lose and gain rankings depending on your rank, the rank of your opponent and your Deck Strengths.

The matching system matches you with the first available player also in the arena, unless you've already matched them twice today, in which case after 60 seconds it will match you with them again.

You can play One on One (1v1), Two on Two (2v2) or Three on Three (3v3). The prize equipment for each category is different, but placings in each will receive the same equipment type (head, body, weapon or boots). In the picture here you can see that all 1v1 prizes are for body, while (not shown) the 2v2 category will award weapons and 3v3, boots.


Placement 1v1 2v2 3v3
First (1) Purple S5 Equip (Rotated every week) Blue S5 Equip (Rotated every week) Blue S5 Equip (Rotated every week)
Second to Fifth (2-5) Blue S5 Equip (Rotated every week) Green S5 Equip (Rotated every week) Green S5 Equip (Rotated every week)
Sixth to Thirth (6-30) Green S5 Equip (Rotated every week) Purple Crystal Purple Crystal
Thirty-first to Hundredth (31-100) Purple Crystal Blue Crystal Blue Crystal


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