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Time World Upgraded Buildings

Just a few of the upgraded buildings.

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Time World is 'A New Sci-Fi MMORPG with fully customizable units, story compaigns, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay'. Time World was created by a group of people called Playmage.

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  • discussion page Talk:Skills
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: I just used one and it's 14% at lvl1. Lvl2 is 18%.
  • edit Grand Fortress
    edited by Walrus 8463 diff
    Summary: I added this according to Time World.
  • edit Heroes
    edited by MrJ17 diff
    Summary: Added all of "Promoting heroes" page's info here. That page is not quite necessary...
    Added photo:
  • edit Promoting Heroes
    edited by MrJ17 diff
    Summary: Why not just put this on heroes page? Well, I did it. Added to candidates for deletion. Maybe one day someone adopts this wiki. :P
    Added category: Candidates for deletion
  • edit Mall
    edited by MrJ17 diff
    Summary: Missing information added. Few aesthetical changes too (mostly grammar and completing the chart.
  • edit Galaxies
    edited by MrJ17 diff
    Summary: Additional missing information, grammar, links, aesthetical.
  • edit Pillar Wars
    edited by MrJ17 diff
    Summary: Aesthetical + links
  • edit User:MrJ17
    edited by MrJ17 diff
  • edit Weapon Tech
    edited by MrJ17 diff
    Summary: Mostly aesthetical and sincerity edit. By the way, once the chart is all finished, mail me in game or on Kongregate and I'll edit it into the wikia for faster navigation. And no, Wikia's chart isn't trash, it's just ridiculously complicated to make.
  • edit Story
    edited by LordRahl6 diff
    Summary: Finalized the material from the first WoH bonus chapter. More to come later.

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