Summoner Hard

Summoner on Hard (note his Max HP)

The Summoner is a boss in Time World to be fought in groups of 2 to 4 people in "Summoner Raids". He fights by summoning special creatures known as "Dinos". He can be fought in three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal and Hard. As the selected difficulty increases, so does the average card rarity the summoner will use.

On Easy he has only White and Green Dinos and spells, with a Max HP of 50 and strength of 3540. uses mostly normal cards and some green rarity cards (one star), rarely higher is seen forn this summoner difficulty

On Normal he he has White to Purple Dinos and all his spells are either Blue or Purple. Max HP is 80, deck strength is 10290 and is made up of 65 cards. uses mostly green rarity cards, some blue cards, and ocasionally a couple purple cards.

On Hard he has only Blue and Purple Dinos, with all spells Purple. Max HP of 100 and strength of 16200. Mostly uses blue or purple rare cards.