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P_BOSS_0=Take us to your leader!
P_NPC_1=Over my dead body!
LOSE=OMG! We lost. But we will be back!
WIN=You won the battle and successfully weakened the enemy's force.
C1_TITLE=Planet Under Siege
C1_M0_NPC_0=Your Highness, the pirates are still taking our resources. Please defend our planet.
C1_M1_BOSS_0=I love the smell of burning metal in the morning.
C1_M1_ROLE_1=Space villain! You shall pay for your sins!
C1_M1_BOSS_2=Only if beauty is a crime then I have sinned greatly.
C1_M1_ROLE_4=Only thing beautiful about pirates is how they die.
C1_M1_NPC_5=Congratulations, we defeated the pirates inside the city, but there are some more on the outskirts. Let's get rid of them.
C1_M2_ROLE_0=Prepare to become space dust, pirates!
C1_M2_BOSS_1=Haha! Weakling, that was my line, but you are more useful to me alive than dead.
C1_M2_ROLE_2=You are definitely more useful to me dead than alive. All ships - fire weapons!
C1_M2_ROLE_4=Ashes to ashes, scumbags to dust.
C1_M2_NPC_5=Congratulations, the pirates have been defeated, but where is their boss?
C1_M3_BOSS_0=Don't mind my useless underlings. Let me take care of you.
C1_M3_NPC_1=The pirate boss is here. Be careful!
C1_M3_NPC_3=Congratulations, we have defeated the pirate's boss!
C1_M3_BOSS_4=Time to escape. See you later, alligators!
C1_M3_ROLE_5=Argh! He ran away! We need to take him out before he brings backups!
C2_TITLE=Bad Day to Be a Pirate
C2_M0_NPC_0=We saw the pirate boss went into his space castle. Let's go there and follow him.
C2_M0_ROLE_1=There will be no safe haven in this universe for him.
C2_M1_NPC_0=Oh no, the pirates setup an ambush. Be careful!
C2_M1_ROLE_1=Ugh... let's prepare - battle formation!
C2_M1_BOSS_2=Oh dear, you fell right into my trap.
C2_M1_ROLE_4=Such foolish trap can't stop me.
C2_M1_NPC_5=To get inside the space castle, we will need to defeat the security guards.
C2_M2_NPC_0=They haven't noticed us yet. Let's attack! 
C2_M2_NPC_2=We defeated the security guards. The boss's bodyguards are very strong. Let's make preparations and make sure our army is strong enough.
C2_M3_ROLE_0=In the name of vengeance, I smite thee!
C2_M3_BOSS_1=Huh, fools dare to challenge me?
C2_M3_BOSS_3=Ugh... sorry boss, I screwed up.
C2_M3_NPC_4=The pirate boss's force is much stronger here. We have built a very strong army and defeat him. We can't let him run away again. 
C2_M4_ROLE_0=Time to avenge our friends and family!
C2_M4_BOSS_1=Patience weakling. You will be joining them soon.
C2_M4_ROLE_3=If you tell me a good reason why you attacked us, I will let you stay alive.
C2_M4_BOSS_4=Someone pay me to attack... your planet.
C2_M4_ROLE_5=Who asked you to do this?
C2_M4_BOSS_6= I have... never... saw him in person, you will... not be able to... find him... unless you... have the... legendary gem...
C2_M4_CUTSCENE1_7=Suddenly, the pirate boss dies.
C2_M4_ROLE_8=What happened? He said something about the legendary gem and died.
C2_M4_NPC_9=Someone assassinated him to keep his mouth shut. Did he mention the "legendary gemstone"?
C2_M4_ROLE_10=Yes, he did.
C2_M4_NPC_11=Many centuries ago there was a "legendary gemstone" that can be used to find and travel to any location in the universe. The gemstone was broken into three smaller gemstones during the war against humans.
C2_M4_ROLE_12=We need to find these gemstones. Where do I start?
C2_M4_NPC_13=The gemstones are now in the possession the spirit leaders of the Mu, the Alcons, and the Veerens.  Let's visit the Mu's leader first.
C2_M4_NPC_14=We have now taken over the pirate's home planet. Let build up this second base so we can strengthen our army further!
C3_TITLE=Challenge of the Saints
C3_M0_NPC_0=In the Mu planet there are three saints. We will need to find them and ask them for hints about the gemstone.
C3_M0_ROLE_1=How do I find the saints?
C3_M0_NPC_2=Saints are located on grassland, ocean, and forest of Mu's planet. Let's find the Grassland Saint first.
C3_M1_BOSS_0=Who interrupted my sleep? 
C3_M1_ROLE_1=I have come from far away. I need you to help me find the legendary gemstone.
C3_M1_BOSS_2=So you have come.
C3_M1_ROLE_3=You knew I would come?
C3_M1_BOSS_4=You will understand soon. Each three saints have one third of the gemstone's destination coordinate. If you need the part I hold, you will need to defeat my bodyguards first.
C3_M1_ROLE_5=Okay, Let's begin.
C3_M1_BOSS_7=So you are the one.
C3_M1_ROLE_8=The what?
C3_M1_BOSS_9=Never mind, all you need is here is my piece of destination coordinate.
C3_M1_NPC_10=Now that you have found the destination coordinate from Grassland Saint, let's pay Ocean Saint a visit.
C3_M2_BOSS_0=Young one, you have arrived.
C3_M2_ROLE_1=I am here to get the gemstone's destination coordinates. 
C3_M2_BOSS_2=A lot of people have tried to get the gemstone, but they all have failed. Show me your strength.
C3_M2_BOSS_5=This is my piece of destination coordinate. As long as you find the piece from Forest Saint, you can find our gemstone.
C3_M2_NPC_6=We need only one more destination coordinate to find one of the gemstone's locations. Let's go.
C3_M3_BOSS_0=You have come.
C3_M3_ROLE_1=How would you know I have come?
C3_M3_BOSS_2=The other saints already told us. You know the rules right?
C3_M3_ROLE_3=Yes, I do. Let's get this over with.
C3_M3_BOSS_5=This piece belongs to you now, but a very powerful beast protect the gemstone. I think it's best if you go home if you value your life.
C3_M3_ROLE_6=Thanks for your warning, but I must go on. My people will be avenged.
C3_M3_BOSS_7=You should assemble your strongest fleet before proceeding. Good luck.
C3_M4_BOSS_0=Haha, I waited all these years to finally see a challenger.
C3_M4_ROLE_1=Guardian Beast, I need the gemstone to avenge my people.
C3_M4_BOSS_2=Only the strongest one is worthy of the gemstone.
C3_M4_ROLE_3=Fine, if that is the way it must be.
C3_M4_BOSS_5=I am too old. Young one, here is my gemstone. I hope it can help you.
C4_TITLE=Magical Mountain Top
C4_M0_NPC_0=We took the gemstone from the Mu. Let's search for the gemstone in the Alcon Sprite leader's planet.
C4_M0_ROLE_1=Where did they put the gemstone?
C4_M0_NPC_2=Alcon spirit leaders have secured the gemstone on the top of a magical mountain protected by a force field. There are four elders who protect the stones on the four sides of the mountain.
C4_M0_ROLE_3=Okay, so we have to visit all the leaders. Let's find the Eastern Elder first.
C4_M1_ROLE_0=Hello, Eastern Elder. Our friends and family was killed in a pirate attack. We need to borrow the power of the gemstone to find the person responsible. Please good hearted elder, let me have the gemstone.
C4_M1_BOSS_1=I am sorry for what you have gone through, but how do I know that you won't use the power of the gemstone to ruin the universe?
C4_M1_ROLE_2=I just want to avenge my people. After I find out who the killer is, I will definitely return the gemstone. 
C4_M1_BOSS_3=I am sorry, but I am here to protect the Alcon. I'll fight if I must.
C4_M1_ROLE_4=Then I will try my best to change your mind.
C4_M1_BOSS_6=Young one, you have won. You can now challenge the other three elders. 
C4_M1_NPC_7=Let's go to the Southern Elder next.
C4_M2_BOSS_0=Who are you?
C4_M2_ROLE_1=Hello Southern Elder, I am here to borrow the gemstone.
C4_M2_BOSS_2=Why do you need it?
C4_M2_ROLE_3=I need to find out who is responsible for killing my people.
C4_M2_BOSS_4=Let it go young one. What if the truth is not what you want to know?
C4_M2_ROLE_5=It doesn't matter. If that happens to be the case, I will face the truth.
C4_M2_BOSS_6=Okay, then are you ready for my challenge?
C4_M2_ROLE_7=Yes, let's go.
C4_M2_BOSS_9=Young one, you have beaten me but let go of the past might be a better choice.
C4_M2_ROLE_10=Thanks for your consideration, but I must go on.
C4_M2_BOSS_11=Then I wish you best of luck.
C4_M2_NPC_12=We have defeated two elders now. Be careful, I heard that Western Elder is very strong.
C4_M2_ROLE_13=Let's prepare.
C4_M3_BOSS_0=Who allow you to intrude our holy mountain?
C4_M3_ROLE_1=Hi, Western Elder. I just want to borrow gemstone.
C4_M3_BOSS_2=What makes think you can take the gemstone from us?
C4_M3_ROLE_3=I just want to borrow the power of the gemstone to find out who's is responsible for the attack on our planet that killed our friends and family.
C4_M3_BOSS_4=How would I know if that is the truth? Show your strength. I hate those who don't have enough strength and wants to get the gemstone.
C4_M3_ROLE_5=You leave me no choice.
C4_M3_BOSS_7=What is wrong with me? I lost today.
C4_M3_ROLE_8=Thanks for letting me pass.
C4_M3_NPC_9=Congratulations! As long as you win Northern Elder, you get to find the gemstone inside the mountain.
C4_M4_ROLE_0=Hello Northern Elder. I am here for the gemstone.
C4_M4_BOSS_1=I heard the other elders said you were good, but I am much harder to beat. You must fight me to go the top of the mountain.
C4_M4_ROLE_2=Then it shall be done.
C4_M4_ROLE_4=Thank you Northern Elder.
C4_M4_BOSS_5=No need to thank me, you won with you own effort. Go to the mountain top to find what you need. But make sure you are prepared first.
C4_M5_ROLE_0=I wonder where the gemstone is.
C4_M5_NPC_1=Let's look for it.
C4_M5_ROLE_2=What is happening?
C4_M5_BOSS_3=How dare you try to intrude this Alcon's holy mountain?
C4_M5_ROLE_4=Who are you? 
C4_M5_BOSS_5=I am Guardian Alcon. The gemstone is the most precious and important item in our planet. You don't deserve it. You will regret coming here.
C4_M5_BOSS_7=You won, worthy one. The gemstone is located the tree 100 meters behind you. I hope you don't use the gemstone to do something bad.
C4_M5_ROLE_8=Don't worry, I won't.
C5_TITLE=Warring Tribes
C5_M0_NPC_0=Now we have to find the last gemstone.
C5_M0_ROLE_1=According to what you have said before, the last gemstone should be with Veerens.
C5_M0_NPC_2=Veeren's ancestors hid the gemstone and made a treasure map that was given to four different tribes. Since then, the tribes have been at war at each other. We will need to find those four treasure maps to find out where the gemstone is. 
C5_M0_ROLE_3=Why haven't any of them found the gemstone yet?
C5_M0_NPC_4=None of them is strong enough to take the other tribe's map pieces.
C5_M0_ROLE_5=I see, let's go then.
C5_M1_BOSS_0=Hey, who are you?
C5_M1_ROLE_1=I am here for the treasure map.
C5_M1_BOSS_2=Another silly one who do not fear death.
C5_M1_BOSS_4=I lost.
C5_M1_ROLE_5=I really needed the map. Forgive me.
C5_M1_BOSS_6=Stop the pity talk. Just take the map. 
C5_M1_NPC_7=We got the first piece of the map. That's a great beginning. Let's go get the second piece of the treasure map.
C5_M2_BOSS_0=Why are you here?
C5_M2_ROLE_1=I am here for the treasure map.
C5_M2_BOSS_2=How dare you trying to rob me?
C5_M2_ROLE_3=I need to borrow the power of the gemstone to....
C5_M2_BOSS_4=This is not the first time I heard such a lame excuse. Get it over my dead body.
C5_M2_BOSS_6=I lost. Take your map and leave.
C5_M2_NPC_7=We just need to work harder for the other pieces of the maps. We better strengthen army.
C5_M2_ROLE_8=Okay, let's make preparations.
C5_M3_BOSS_0=Hey you, I see you have two pieces of maps from the weaker tribes. 
C5_M3_ROLE_1=Yes, I do, so please hand over the piece you have.
C5_M3_BOSS_2=Watch your mouth, no one dare to talk to me that way.
C5_M3_ROLE_3=Then I will need to take it from you by force.
C5_M3_BOSS_5=I actually lost the map...
C5_M3_NPC_6=We are at the last step, let's proceed carefully.
C5_M4_BOSS_0=Are you here to kill me?
C5_M4_ROLE_1=Kill you? I just want to borrow the map.
C5_M4_BOSS_2=You monster. I will fight you to the death.
C5_M4_BOSS_5=My dear brothers, I failed to avenge you...
C5_M4_ROLE_6=What are you talking about? I did not kill your brothers!
C5_M4_NPC_7=Let's move on.
C5_M5_BOSS_0=Silly you...
C5_M5_ROLE_1=Who are you?
C5_M5_BOSS_2=Who I am is not important, but thanks for collecting the maps for me. Now hand them over.
C5_M5_ROLE_3=You shall pay for your insolence.
C5_M5_ROLE_5=Glad that was over with. Now let's combine the gemstones.
C5_M5_CUTSCENE2_6=Three gemstones combines into one. The Gemstone Guardian appears...
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_7=Who summoned me?
C5_M5_ROLE_8=Gemstone Guardian, I summoned you. 
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_9=What is your wish?
C5_M5_ROLE_10=I wish to located the person responsible for the attack on our planet?
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_11=I know who, but are you sure you want to know?
C5_M5_ROLE_12=Yes, I do.
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_13=He is located in planet number 31337.
C5_M5_NPC_14=That planet is far away, we need to find a planet to build another base near it. Can you help us locate one?
C5_M5_GEMSTIONE_15=As you wish, you will have your planet.
C5_M5_NPC_16=Gemstone Guardian disappeared. You now have another planet base!
C6_TITLE=Final Destination
C6_M0_NPC_0=It will be difficult to break planet 31337's defenses. To avenge our people, you must check out their strength.
C6_M0_ROLE_1=Okay, let's go!
C6_M1_BOSS_0=Who are you? Why are you here on our planet?
C6_M1_ROLE_1=Take me to your leader, I am here to challenge him.
C6_M1_BOSS_2=Let me take care of you first. 
C6_M1_NPC_4=Squadron 1 has been defeated. Let's move on.
C6_M2_BOSS_0=Intruder, prepare to die!
C6_M2_ROLE_1=Haha, I heard of that before.
C6_M2_NPC_3=Squadron 2 is dead. Let's go further more.
C6_M3_BOSS_0=You are the one who kill all my comrades?
C6_M3_ROLE_1=Yes, all who block my path shall perish.
C6_M3_NPC_3=The next two waves are led by strong generals of the enemy army, we need to be prepared.
C6_M4_BOSS_0=You won't leave the fight alive.
C6_M4_ROLE_1=We will see about that, won't we.
C6_M4_NPC_3=Let's go for get rid of the final wave and we can then kill the boss.
C6_M4_ROLE_4=We are so close, I can almost taste vengeance.
C6_M5_BOSS_0=You have come.
C6_M5_ROLE_1=Do I know you?
C6_M5_BOSS_2=You don't know me but I know you. I am afraid your journey ends here.
C6_M5_ROLE_3=Whatever, prepare to die.
C6_M5_NPC_5=This is it. Let's make sure we are prepared.
C6_M5_ROLE_3=I am ready!
C6_M6_BOSS_0=I have been waiting for you, my dearest friend.
C6_M6_ROLE_1=I am not your friend. Before I kill you, tell me why you ordered the pirates to attack my people and kill my friends and family?
C6_M6_BOSS_2=You don't need friends and family. All you need is power.
C6_M6_ROLE_3=You are a lunatic and a devil. It's time to send you back to hell!
C6_M6_ROLE_5=My people will be avenged! Die!!!
C6_M6_CUTSCENE3_6=Main Character attacks Boss, but is defeated
C6_M6_BOSS_7=You are still too weak. I know all of your weakness, you cannot possibly win me! LOL!
C6_M6_NPC_8=Let's retreat first. 
C7_TITLE=The Legendary Armor
C7_M0_ROLE_0=I lost, how was that possible? He knew all my moves. 
C7_M0_NPC_1=We underestimated that devil. We can still defeat him if we have the "Legendary Armor" and the "Legendary Weapon". With these items, he will not be able to harm you or predict your attacks.
C7_M0_ROLE_2=Where are these legendary items?
C7_M0_NPC_3=The legend says the Goddess of Wisdom protects the Legendary Armor and Ares protects the Legendary Weapon, but only the strongest can take it.
C7_M0_ROLE_4=Where are those powerful armories?
C7_M0_NPC_5=Legendary Armor is with Goddess of Wisdom, which is located at Dianna's galaxy.
C7_M0_ROLE_6=We will go to Dianna's galaxy first.
C7_M1_BOSS_0=Who are you? 
C7_M1_ROLE_1=I am here for Goddess of Wisdom, and you are?
C7_M1_BOSS_2=I am Fire Demon, protector of Goddess Dianna. I think you are here for the armories.
C7_M1_ROLE_3=Yes, take me to her now.
C7_M1_BOSS_4=Let's play a little game first. If you beat me, then I will let you pass.
C7_M1_BOSS_6=Now you can go find Wind Demon. She will tell you what's next.
C7_M1_NPC_7=Since the Fire Spirit asked us to the Earth Spirit, let's go find him.
C7_M2_BOSS_0=It has been a while since someone actually came here.
C7_M2_ROLE_1=Maybe I will be the last. 
C7_M2_BOSS_2=Hehe, we will see about that.
C7_M2_BOSS_4=Good battle. You can find the Water Spirit now. She will tell you the next step to get the Legendary Armor. 
C7_M2_NPC_5=Earth Spirit gave us a hint. We have to go find the Water Spirit.
C7_M2_ROLE_6=Don't you feel that we are being led by the nose to do these repetitive challenges, a broken movie or a boring novel?
C7_M2_NPC_7=We must do what is required to extract our revenge. Are you expecting to find a love story with many plot twists?
C7_M2_ROLE_8=You are right, let's move forward.
C7_M3_BOSS_0=Knock, knock. 
C7_M3_ROLE_1=Who is there?
C7_M3_BOSS_2=Water Spirit.
C7_M3_ROLE_3=Water spirit who?
C7_M3_BOSS_4=Water spirit that you will need to defeat to get the Legendary Armor.
C7_M3_BOSS_6=Aw, that's no fun, you won. Please go the Wind Spirit now. 
C7_M3_NPC_7=Excellent! Let's find the Wind Spirit.
C7_M4_ROLE_0=I think I saw something pass right by me, but I am not sure.
C7_M4_BOSS_1=You can actually see me? Never has that been the case.
C7_M4_ROLE_2=Who are you? Where did you come from?
C7_M4_BOSS_3=I am the one you are looking for. I am Wind Spirit.
C7_M4_ROLE_4=Oh, so that was you. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. 
C7_M4_BOSS_5=If you need the Legendary Armor, you need to get through me first
C7_M4_BOSS_7=You are really a fast and powerful. Since you pass my test, you can go ahead and find the Thunder Spirit.
C7_M4_NPC_8=Since we are so close to the Legendary Armor. We should Strengthen our forces. 
C7_M5_OBJECTIVE_0=Suddenly loud thundering noise surrounds you
C7_M5_NPC_1=What's happening? What's that noise?
C7_M5_BOSS_2=Who are you? Why are you here?
C7_M5_ROLE_3=I am here to take the Legendary Armor. 
C7_M5_BOSS_4=I am Thunder Spirit. To get the Legendary Armor, you must be able to tune out all noises and find your inner peace.
C7_M5_ROLE_5=Are you talking about the thundering noise?
C7_M5_BOSS_6=Yes, are you ready for the challenge?
C7_M5_ROLE_7=Yes, bring it on.
C7_M5_BOSS_9=So you are the one. Go see the Light Spirit. Once you pass her test, you will be able to meet the Goddess of Wisdom.
C7_M6_BOSS_0=Are you the one who defeated the previous five spirits?
C7_M6_ROLE_1=Yes, I need to see God of Wisdom get the Legendary Armor. 
C7_M6_BOSS_2=Yes, I understand. There have been a lot people who came for the Legendary Armor. You can't go forward if you fail my test like the others before you.
C7_M6_ROLE_3=I always ace my tests. Let's do this.
C7_M6_BOSS_5=You have pass all Spirit's challenges. You can now meet Goddess of Wisdom
C7_M7_BOSS_0=So you are the one who wants the Legendary Armor?
C7_M7_ROLE_1=Yes, Goddess of Wisdom. I needed to revenge my people.
C7_M7_BOSS_2=Are you sure vengeance is the wise path?
C7_M7_ROLE_3=I have no reason to live unless those who died in vain are avenged.
C7_M7_BOSS_5=It seems that you have become too powerful for your own good. You can take the Legendary Armor, but I hope you will change your mind.
C7_M7_ROLE_6=That will not happen.
C8_TITLE=Ares's Weapons
C8_M0_NPC_0=Now we only need to find Legendary Weapon.
C8_M0_ROLE_1=We shall make sure our army is strong enough, then we to Ares.
C8_M1_BOSS_0=You are the one with the Legendary Armor.
C8_M1_ROLE_1=Yes, do you know me?
C8_M1_BOSS_2=Of course I do. You are famous in the universe. Come forth!
C8_M1_BOSS_4=You have a lot of power in you. Now go find the Speed Guardian.
C8_M2_BOSS_0=You have come hero. It is time to test your speed.
C8_M2_ROLE_1= Why is everyone giving me stupid tests? Sigh, okay let's do it.
C8_M2_BOSS_3=Not bad. Now go find Attack Guardian.
C8_M2_NPC_4=To prepare for this fight, we should increase our defense tech research and refit our ships with more advanced defense technologies.
C8_M3_BOSS_0=Young hero. Ready or not, here I come.
C8_M3_BOSS_2=Pretty good. You will need to find Defense Guardian next.
C8_M3_NPC_3=We should increase our weapon technology research and refit our ships with offensive technologies.
C8_M4_BOSS_0=I haven't had anyone to play with for a while. Let's play!
C8_M4_BOSS_2=Looks like my defense isn't strong enough. The Patience Guardian will be waiting for you.
C8_M5_BOSS_0=It's the first time I am eager to fight someone. Start whenever you are ready.
C8_M5_ROLE_1=Sounds you should change your name to "Eager Guardian".
C8_M5_BOSS_3=Wonderful, you have beaten me. Next, you will face Rage Guardian.
C8_M6_NPC_0=After you win Rage Guardian, you will get to see Ares. Work harder!
C8_M6_OBJECTIVE_1=Enemy Sneak Attacks
C8_M6_BOSS_3=Looks like I have failed. I guess I have to let you see Ares.
C8_M6_NPC_4=That was close. Let go meet Ares now.
C8_M7_BOSS_0=Brave one, you have come.
C8_M7_ROLE_1=Yes, I need the Legendary Weapon.
C8_M7_BOSS_2=For a decade, no one has come close to taking the Legendary Weapon from me.
C8_M7_ROLE_3=That was before I knocked on your doors.
C8_M7_BOSS_5=Now you are the owner of the Legendary Weapon. I hope you will put it to good use. The weapon can also be used to transport to a hidden planet controlled by the wielder.
C9_TITLE=Final Showdown
C9_M0_NPC_0=We finally got the Legendary Armor and Legendary Weapon. Let's build up our new base, gather stronger forces, and finish that evil monster.
C9_M0_ROLE_1=We have been preparing for this for way too long. Let's go!
C9_M0_NPC_2=I recommend that we should still build more forces for the final showdown.
C9_M1_BOSS_0=Ah, you are that crazy one to attack us last time.
C9_M1_ROLE_1=I will make all of you villains disappear for good this time.
C9_M1_BOSS_3=Ugh, I can't believe I was defeated...
C9_M1_NPC_4=There are many more difficulties that lie ahead of us.
C9_M2_BOSS_0=Hey you. It's now time for you to suffer.
C9_M2_ROLE_1=There will be no mercy for you.
C9_M2_ROLE_3=Worthless opponent.
C9_M2_NPC_4=Lets go forward. Are you guys ready?
C9_M2_ROLE_5=Yes, let's go.
C9_M3_BOSS_0=You must have a death wish; I will help you fulfill it.
C9_M3_ROLE_1=You are mistaken; the wish is for your death.
C9_M3_BOSS_3=Although I cannot kill you, you will never get to our boss.
C9_M3_NPC_4=Be careful. There are many powerful enemies ahead of us.
C9_M4_BOSS_0=Haha, didn't you lose last time you came. You want our boss to give you another beating? 
C9_M4_ROLE_1=You talk too much for just a little pawn.
C9_M4_BOSS_3=I underestimated you. My brothers will avenge me.
C9_M4_NPC_4=Next army is headed by this general's brother. He is more powerful.
C9_M5_BOSS_0=You kill my brother. Die!
C9_M5_ROLE_1=Don't worry. You will be joining him soon.
C9_M5_BOSS_3=Brother, failed to avenge you...
C9_M5_NPC_4=Something doesn't feel right about this. There are so many enemies. Why wouldn't they attack at the same time?
C9_M5_ROLE_5=I have a weird feeling too, but it's too late to stop now. We must move forward.
C9_M5_NPC_6=Just be careful.
C9_M6_BOSS_0=Finally, you are here.
C9_M6_ROLE_1=We met before?
C9_M6_BOSS_2=Yes, we met before, but that hasn't happen yet.
C9_M6_ROLE_3=What a nonsense, prepare to die.
C9_M6_BOSS_5=You are going to regret what you are going to do.
C9_M6_ROLE_6=What do you mean?
C9_M6_NPC_7=We got no time. Let's just move on.
C9_M7_BOSS_0=So you have arrived. What took you so long?
C9_M7_ROLE_1=Busy sending your friends to hell, you are next.
C9_M7_BOSS_3=You will understand soon. We shall meet again.
C9_M7_ROLE_4=My head is hurting.
C9_M7_NPC_5=What's wrong?
C9_M7_ROLE_6=I have an awful feeling. I don't know why. Maybe we are heading in the wrong path.
C9_M7_NPC_7=Do you need to rest?
C9_M7_ROLE_8=No, let's continue.
C9_M8_BOSS_0=Welcome back, my dearest.
C9_M8_ROLE_1=Ugh, why you keep calling me "dearest", and why do you have to kill my family and friends?
C9_M8_BOSS_2=They weaken you. Don't you feel stronger without them right now?
C9_M8_ROLE_3=You ruthless devil, your life ends here.
C9_M8_CUTSCENE4_5=During fight with the boss, his mask of boss felt off.
C9_M8_ROLE_6=Why do we look exactly the same?
C9_M8_BOSS_7=That's because I am you. Why do you think you able to become so powerful so fast?
C9_M8_ROLE_8=Impossible! How can I be you? 
C9_M8_BOSS_9=I am you twenties years from the future. I came back though a time machine to help you become stronger! By trying to defeat me, you have become more like me. So what are you going to do now, dearest?
C10_M0_NPC_0=Congrats on completing the "tutorial". The real game now begins!
C10_M0_ROLE_1=Ah yes, time to conquer the universe!
C10_M1_BOSS_0=So, you are looking for someone to teach you a lesson?
C10_M1_ROLE_1=Nah, I just need some practice target
C10_M1_ROLE_3=Another one bites the dust.

War of Heroes bonus chapters

With the Cursed Destiny expansion, bonus chapters were added to the game that are not required to play, but may be fun to play through for experience and rewards. Here's an overview of their stories.

WoH 1: Heart of the Ocean

NPC: The Ocean Saint of Mu's planet used to have a precious necklace, Heart of the Ocean.

NPC: Unfortunately it was stolen by an infamous pirate named Kraken. The Ocean Saint offered a generous reward for capturing Kraken and returning his necklace.

Role: It's a great opportunity to make a fortune. Where is this Kraken?

NPC: He resides in the asteriod near Mu's planet, along with Three-Hands and his gang of thieves.

Role: Thief! Surrender your spoils to me and I'll spare your life.

Boss: Hehe, What an arrogant fish!

Boss: I'll rip you into pieces to avenge my sister!

Role:No more talking. Let's dance!

Boss: How dare you intrude into my home! Only I, the great Three-Hands, have the right to break into people's homes!

Role: I'm here to take back the Heart of the Ocean. Tell me where Kraken is?

Boss: Sure, I will tell you... right after I bury you.

Role: Kraken, you're under arrest. Hand over the Heart of the Ocean!

Boss: Don't make me laugh. You should know that I'm the smartest thief around the whole universe. The Heart of Ocean is mine!

Boss: NOOO! I can't lose! Please don't arrest me. I'll give you everything I have, please let me go...

Role: It's too late. You will be brought to the Ocean Saint. Save your breath to beg for his mercy instead.

NPC: Congratulations! The Heart of the Ocean is returned to its owner. The Ocean Saint is grateful for your help.

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