Speed is the stat in game that decides who gets to fire first. The mechanics that decide speed are outlined below.


Speed is affected by:

Ship Class - Each class is assigned a base speed that can be viewed in the shipyard.

Speed Skill - Each level of skill increases speed by 3.

Speed Tech - Each level of tech increases speed by 1.

Nitemare - The pillar provides a 10% speed bonus.

Speed Buff - The buff can be used to provide a 10% speed bonus.

Therefore the formula for speed is as follows:

Effective Speed = ((Base Speed + 3*Speed Skill Level + Speed Tech)*Nitemare Buff (Value = 1.1)*Speed Buff (Value = 1.1))

More on SpeedEdit

Buffs stack in a multiplicative fashion, therefore should one have both Nitemare and the Buff active, speed is increased by 21%.

Should there be a tie, first shot goes to the fleet with a higher command stat.

In the event that a tie occurs and command stats are equal, it appears that the attacker gets the first shot as seen when one attacks their own phantom.