Yellow outline signals pirate presence.

Anytime you visit a Planet there is a 50% chance you will find Pirates. Pirates are fought using your current War of Heroes deck. Pirate strength depends on the distance from the player's Home Planet, this means that you can choose the difficulty of the pirates you wish to fight by visiting the different planets. The harder pirates offer more experience and better crystal rewards.


Planet Experience (Win) Experience (Loss) Yellow Crystals Green Crystals
1 1000 300 8 4
2 10000 3000 10 5
3 100000 30000 12 6
4 500000 300000 14 7
5 2000000 Losing exp until 1300000 16 8
6 4000000 Losing exp on p5 20 10
7 16000000 Losing exp on p5 and p6 24 12
  • You will only get one of the two crystal types.
  • Losing results is a way lower experience prize, but losing on harder planets may provide more experience then winning in weaker ones.
  • Losing gives you halved crystals, rounded down.

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