The End of Time expansion was the eighth to be released by playmage. It was published on July 8, 2014 and saw the release of the hero spirits. Here's the full list of features that came out with this release from the Announcements and Patches page on Kongregate.

  • New Hero Spirit System

** Added a new type of craftable and enhanceable hero equipment.

    • Each spirit has a primary bonus (war/command/tech/build) and a secondary that affects ship battles (attack/defense/speed/hit/avoid).
    • Spirit is crafted by using one of the 5 crafting NPCs buy paying them credits.
    • Crafting with a lower tier NPC has a chance to unlock the next NPC (1 in 3, 5, 10, 100 respectively) for one use.
    • Higher level NPC can only craft once after unlocked. If it does not unlock the next level, then you will start with the base NPC again.
    • A golden crystal can be used to directly unlock the Gold tier (Grandmaster) NPC crafter for one use.
    • Spirits can be enhanced to increase their level up to level 80, by consuming other spirits on the enhance tab.
    • Spirits bonuses may increase as they level up through enhancing.
    • Hero Spirits are equipped on the base hero tab, toggling “Hero Spirits” button below the inventory slots.
  • New Chapter 17

** Challenge Time Devil’s unstoppable fleets.

    • Fight and defeat the Time Devil for good!
  • The 8th Planet

** Complete chapter 17 to unlock the 8th planet!

    • Visit friend’s 8th planet for the ultimate pirate challenge and get 2X EXP of the 7th planet for winning.
  • New Building/Tech Maximum Level Cap.

** Increased building max level to 50 (no new images).

    • Increased device/tech max level to 50.
  • New Hero Maximum Level Cap.

** Increased max hero level to 85.

    • Level require to promote hero unchanged.
  • New War of Heroes Arena S4 Set

** Join the tournament to get the improved rewards.

    • S3 Set items will be added to the auction list.
  • Two New Daily Missions

** Get rewarded for crafting any War of Hero skill cards daily.

    • Get rewarded for winning any War of Hero battle (arena, chapter, pirate, raid) daily.

Game Improvements * Increased ship damage mitigator from 10% to 12% per tier, from tier 1 fighter to tier 5 motherships (Fighters are slightly over powered for the power rating and this should help with the deadly lethal fighter issue)

  • Daily chest spin reward: replaced 5 min speed-up card with 1 hour card.
  • Doubled the resource rewards for visiting.
  • Increased heal amount of pillar crystals to 5M.

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