Action points are used for

  • Visiting a friend's planet for resources (thus also to look for pirates) (1 AP);
  • Spying on a planet and attacking it (1 AP to Spy; 2 to Attack);
  • Attacking Phantom Nebula (3 AP each attack);
  • Raiding pillars (2 AP each attack - beating Battle phase makes Pillar phase free of charge)
  • WoH Arena (1 AP per match)


Every 15 minutes you will regain an action point, up to your current maximum amount. After you complete a chapter in the game, your maximum action points (default is 10) increases by 2, and your action points are replenished. When completing chapeter N, you do not get increased action points. The VIP cards in the Mail can also increase your maximum action points by 20 during it's period.

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