"Ambush" and "Jetpack" are this hero's abilities.

Abilities are special thiungs your heroes can do in War of Heroes battle mode.

There are many abilities of many tiers which are class-specific and may grow, along to the hero's stats, when the hero is of a higher tier (White, Green, etc.)


Long Shot is purposedly excluded since it's a property of the Sentinel-type classes to have increased range naturally.

Ambush - The hero's first attack will deal doubled damage. (Rogue's Signature Ability)

Jetpack - Heroes can walk 2 tiles further.

Steal Life - Heals the hero by the total damage dealt (including block/crit modifiers). (Seer's Signature Ability)

Vigilance - The hero attacks anything in all 8 directions and only moves when all the 8 adjecent tiles are free of enemies.

Reborn - After death, 25% chance of reviving (capped to only one revive). (Warrior's Signature Ability)

Burn - Deals 1 Magic Damage next turn. (Adept's Signature Ability)

Direct Attack X (1-2) - Deals X damage to the enemy Avatar. (Adept's Signature Ability)

Heavy Armor X (1-4) - Non-magical attacks' damage will be deducted by X HP.

Berserker X (1-2) - If the attack is succesful, increase hero's attack power by X. (Berserker's Signature Ability)

Teleport - Teleports through the field, skipping any opponents stopping as far as it can go. Does not work if there is no space between the hero and the target and the target is occupied or if one of the enemies on the way has Vigilance. (Assassin's Signature Ability)

Snipe - Deals physical damage, but pierces through Heavy Armor. (Sniper's Signature Ability)

First Aid X (1-2) - Heals unit with lowest HP% by X.

Escape - 50% chance of returning to owner's deck after dying. (Shaman's Signature Ability)

Snare - If attack lands succesfully, 50% chance of freezing enemy units (Warning: Freezes stops movement, but nothing else!) (Shaman's Signature Ability)

Slow - Movement reduced by 1 tile. (Knight's Signature Ability)

Huge Carrots - If attack landfs succefully, 50% chance of stunning enemy units. (Knight's Signature Ability)

Cautious - After attacking, goes back as much as possible. Being the Jester's signature ability, it's possible to go back up to 4 tiles. (Jester's Signature Ability)

Smite - Enemies killed by a hero with Smite can't use Escape or Reborn abilities. (Priest's Signature Ability)

Pray X (1) - Heals the leader/avatar byt 1 HP per turn. (Priest's Signature Ability)